Local Distribution

Colortrade maintains regular inventory and prompt delivery of its product line. Customers also have specialized technical assistance providing support to various developments.

With the supervision of qualified professionals, Colortrade aims to find the most efficient performance solutions, seeking the best final balance between cost and quality in the market.


Indent Operation

The companies have as an option the indent business operation, which our company offers the entire product line.

The indent operation comprises all logistic, documentary and operational support from our trained and specialized team in foreign trade.



When purchasing products in indent form, they also have logistical support throughout the import chain. By pooling our customers, we get better shipping rates, in-port logistics, and inbound port-to-destination freight.

Customers can also enjoy the documentary and customs supervision service of a specialized team, in such a way that the final import costs are optimized and reduced to the maximum. Our cargo is tracked from source to destination.