Colortrade is a company founded by experienced entrepreneurs from the raw material distribution sector to the Brazilian industry. With the knowledge acquired over the years working in distribution and representation, they formed a company focused on pigment solutions to the market.

The company aims to provide simpler, faster and more efficient solutions to the consumer market of pigments and additives, especially paints and varnishes, plastic compounds, PVC, among others.

Colortrade also has excellent support in identifying the most suitable products for the application either in technical assistance as well as collaborating agents in the countries of origin of the represented. Thus, the supply of the products available comes from a safe, reliable and responsible source.


Brief History of our experience

  • 1998

    Our governing body initiates the distribution of minerals from China.

  • 2002

    Beginning of Pearly Pigmented Distribution

  • 2003

    Start of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) distribution

  • 2007

    Barium Sulphate, Calcined Kaolin and Aluminum Pigment Distribution

  • 2014

    Colortrade is founded to reorganize the distribution and representation of pigments and specialty chemicals.

  • 2017

    Colortrade begins distribution of specialty chemicals, coalescents, antioxidants and UV absorbers.